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ySign (YSN)

ySign is a new blockchain-based global platform for free communication and discrete conversations with 100% privacy, created as an opportunity to stay anonymous and secure.

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Gossamer (GOS)

Gossamer is a decentralized application that allows for the peer-to-peer purchase and sale of Wi-Fi using the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain technology. Gossamer is a downloadable dapp for your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Once downloaded, Gossamer allows for the real-time purchase and/or sale of Wi-Fi. If you own your own Wi-Fi and wish to sell usage to others, simply select ‘sell Wi-Fi,’ type in your Wi-Fi password, and you will immediately be discoverable to others who are using Gossamer. If you would like to purchase Wi-Fi, simply select ‘purchase Wi-Fi,’ and you will be presented with a list of available Gossamer providers within your proximity from which to choose.

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